Robert Manners


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In the construction of his paintings, Robert Manners applies the modular dimensions of his practice in a rigorous exploration of texture and form. This process of constant experimentation is charged with the dynamic of assemblage and the chance of found materials - the relationship not only between varying material and colour, but the surprise of combinations as a two dimensional painting is constructed from materials on three planes. 

Exploring the influence of engineering and his fascination with marine debris, Manners draws on a series of influences ranging from Ben Nicholson to Louise Nevelson, to create paintings which resonate with insight and quiet authority.


Kate Jago




Seascape Refits (SSR)

This series of work is assembled from any number of differently constructed panels each of which have been built and sometimes painted. My approach has emerged from interests and relationships with the material, its surface and the three dimensional qualities of ships, navigational buoys and other paraphernalia from boatyards and dockyards. While conceived as paintings, the works seem to exist in the periphery between painting and sculpture. 


The term refit, used in its literal meaning, is the work of repairing and overhauling boats and ships. In the context of these paintings, the refit is the modular system of differently constructed panels, made from different materials, which are interchangeable during the making process. The paintings are made by this process of continual construction, layering and erosion, change and interchange. 

The ‘seascape refit’ is quite literally the refitting or re-organisation of the tradition of British seascape painting, part of a tradition that can be traced back to Turner, Nicholson and Scott.

Recently, I have been developing a method to render these ideas through my printmaking. SSR P3, which is a Blind Embossed print, is currently on show at Bankside Galleries, London as part of RE OPEN.



Living in Devon

Founder Director & Curator of CONTAINER
Artists-led space in Bristol

2005 - Present : Print Tutor at SPIKE PRINT STUDIO, Bristol

2006 - Present : Member & Director SPIKE PRINT STUDIO, Bristol

2002 – 04
University of West of England (MA Multi-disciplinary Printmaking)

1983 – 85
Chelsea School of Art & Design (Mural Design)

1982 – 83
Portsmouth Collage of Art & FE (Foundation Course)



Best Regional Artist 2009, RWA - awarded by the Create Centre

Rebecca Smith Award (UWE)



Health Care at Home
A series of 12 paintings for the Cancer Treatment Clinic in central Bristol.


Exhibition History

2012Bankside Galleries, London. RE Open
2012DIPTYCH collaborative print show, University of West England
2011Residency at Kestle Barton, Helford, Cornwall
2010Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery, Plinth Project Series
2012Solo show at Bristol-Lisboa Gallery, Portugal
2010Solo show at Create Centre, Bristol
2009RWA Open - Best Regional Artist Award
2008'ONE' series of shows at CONTAINER, Bristol